Hi! I am Rawhide. I’ve had that nickname for about ten years. Don’t ask!

Long story short, I used to blog on 1up (Game Site – 2005). I began a crazy club called Beat This Caption. I loved it. It was a huge hit. It became popular very fast, getting hundreds of comments. It even was spotlighted in the Official Playstation Magazine – July 2005. See screenshot below of the article, images and random comments from the contests…

Beat This Caption Club

:) That was COOL! The Club was a lot of fun. I laughed my butt off all the time!

I missed that club when I left the site. It was a good stress reliever. This is why I’m bringing it back… My way! :)

I am here to have much more needed butt laughing fun. No Rules. No Censorship. Nothing!

Just funny Captions, Contests and awesome Prizes. Join me. Spread some laughter today! Sponser a Contest …and maybe a fart or two! ;) -Raw

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