30 June 2012 ~ Comments Off on Beat This Caption Contest 100 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 100 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 100 Winner

Caption Contest #100 Winner!

The Caption to Beat:

Snooki on Botox!

The Winning Caption:

Submitted by Adam:

Kiss the snake for the photo shoot they said. It’ll look sexy they said!

LOL And who hasn’t been in that position to kiss a snake… ??? huh? Great Caption! ;) You WIN!

Runner Ups:


The lips in my pants match the lips on my face!

Denny S:

“No Respect!”….last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it!

Rob Falconer:

Debbie had had so many facelifts her vagina was now just under her nose!

Grant A:

“Are you sure there aren’t any nuts in this cake?”


Oh I know your not going to get lippy with me girlfriend!

James Reardon:

At the San Diego Zoo, the most popular exhibit was the Whoreasaurus!

Jim Honaker:

This is what happens when your airbag deploys at 150 MPH!


Kinda resembles Octo-Mom…

lol Awesome stuff guys. Thanks for participating. If you want to read all the rest of the entries, go here: Caption Contest 100

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Congrats again to the Winner!