11 June 2011 ~ Comments Off on Beat This Caption Contest 46 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 46 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 46 Winner

Caption Contest #46 Winner!

The Caption to Beat:

Nice impression of Flash Dance honey!

The Winning Caption:

Submitted by lancerodeo:

You should see all the quarters back here! I’m goin in!

Great Caption! If there are that many quarters, I’m going in too! :) Your Money is coming… Look for the email. :)

Runner Ups:

Debra Russo:

This isn’t what I meant when I said do you want to take the plunge!


Sweetheart, I was kidding about sleeping with your brother!!!


Oh, I get it, WATER…Fall?


The world’s slowest moving tsunami takes it’s first victim from the sea wall!

Edward Bazurto:

I told you not to sit there when it flushes!


Have you been watching reruns of ‘Flipper’ again?

Claudette Stone:

Niagara Falls, slowly I turned….!

Joan Lutz:

So, does this mean you’re not happy that I’m pregnant?

Rob Falconer:

Hey, I’ve changed my mind about the suicide pact!


But honey .. when we make love, your crotch gets THIS wet!!!

lol Awesome stuff guys. Thanks for participating. If you want to read all the rest of the entries, go here: Caption Contest 46

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