13 August 2011 ~ Comments Off on Beat This Caption Contest 55 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 55 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 55 Winner

Caption Contest #55 Winner!

The Caption to Beat:

If you wanna ride… ride the white pony!

The Winning Caption:

Submitted by Maureen:

This pony is temporarily out of service, as he appears to be cock-eyed!

Funny Caption! Really made me laugh hard! :) Your Money is coming! Look for the email. :)

Runner Ups:

Jen McNaughton:

Tony Orlando and Dong!

James Reardon:

..and for my next trick, Zippy will suck a sugar cube out of my ass!

Debra Russo:

The pony is winning by a nose!

Amy Brown:

What did I tell you? It’s either lick my guew or be glue!

Rob Falconer:

Believe me, I only need a little horse for cover!

Joan Lutz:

This is a far cry from when I appeared on Starsky and Hutch!

Jason Wilson:

One ride for mother, and one ride for daughter…!

Scott Martin:

Times have been hard for Bob Ross since he left that painting tv show!


Well I did ask for a petite blonde who liked a roll in the hay!

Jim Cavanaugh:

Larry paused for just a moment to consider what their children would look like!


How to make a centaur, step one…!

Alan Hochbaum:

Keystone Beer Auditions, Take 37!


So I told Roger, “If you go out naked in this weather, you will get a little horse!

R.E. Davidson:

Bob is sexually frustrated after the genie misunderstood the wish and gave him a horse!


$10 for a ride and an extra $2 if you want to pet the pony!

lol Awesome stuff guys. Thanks for participating. If you want to read all the rest of the entries, go here: Caption Contest 55

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