19 November 2011 ~ Comments Off on Beat This Caption Contest 69 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 69 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 69 Winner

Caption Contest #69 Winner!

The Caption to Beat:

Calgon, take me away!

The Winning Caption:

Submitted by Rob Falconer:

I’ve discovered what those stabbing pains in your back are, Miss Fothergill – they’re harpoons!

LMAO Caption! The Prize for this 69th Contest is to 69 Miss Fothergill. LOL Enjoy! Your Money is not the only thing coming! Look for the email. :)

Runner Ups:

James Reardon:

If you think that the oxygen tank is under a lot of pressure, how about the punishment that seat is taking?


The evasive land manatee returns to the oceans for recreation!

Claudette Stone:

Wheezeeeee. Wheezzzeeeee. Darth Vader, I am your mother!

Joan Lutz:

I doubled for Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon!

Jim Cavanaugh:

How BP finally plugged the oil spill!


I know I dropped my Snickers bar & ‘Diet’ Pepsi around here somewhere!

Jen McN:

Luckily she was on the toilet when the ship broke apart!

Debra Russo:

I can bring home the fish, fry it up in a pan…!


Before the day was out, Margaret would be adopted by a pod of orcas!

barry C:


Chris Eicher:

I saw this on Craigslist: BBW looking for a wingman!

Alan Hochbaum:

This is the only chick here? What a dive!


The Navy was investigating a mysterious ‘ping’ on their sonar!

James Greene:

And they say MEN don’t ask for directions!


Sputter-put-put-bubble-bubble-gurgle-sput…going down!

Shawn Hendricks:

Pretty much what women see when an obese male rides a Harley!


Jacques Cousteau’s answer to traveling with his mother in law!


Chaneling my INNER SEA HORSE!

lol Awesome stuff guys. Thanks for participating. If you want to read all the rest of the entries, go here: Caption Contest 69

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