11 February 2012 ~ Comments Off on Beat This Caption Contest 81 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 81 Winner

Beat This Caption Contest 81 Winner

Caption Contest #81 Winner!

The Caption to Beat:

Beer Syphoning only works when they’re drunk!

The Winning Caption:

Submitted by James Reardon:

Bob keistered a sausage link at the all you can eat breakfast buffet, and slipped it to “No pay, Jose”!

Ha, that’s exactly what I pictured it to look like. Awesome Caption! I Loved it! :) Your Money is coming! Look for the email. :)

Runner Ups:

Alan Hochbaum:

Just Bobb-itt in your mouth!

Rob Falconer:

“No,” Walt Disney said, “It definitely works better with spaghetti … and two dogs”

Shawn Hendricks:

It’s like a double-headed dildo for meat lovers!

Lee Hauxwell:

Nah, don’t worry , this pic will never get on the net…


How many times do I have to tell you…no teeth!!

Claudette Stone:

Another super bowl commercial that just didn’t cut it!

Debra Russo:

I have two jalapeno peppers to go with the sausage!

Joan Lutz:

We’re practicing a trick for A Minute To Win It!

lol Awesome stuff guys. Thanks for participating. If you want to read all the rest of the entries, go here: Caption Contest 81

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Congrats again to the Winner!