Contest Rules

Beat This Caption Contest Rules

Here are the Beat This Caption Contest Rules! They are simple:

  1. Submit a Caption!
  2. I pick a Winner!
  3. You get Prizes!
  4. Easy as that!

Weekly Contest

Every week (or as close to it as I can get), I will put up a brand new Picture with my own Caption. Your job is to leave your own Captions for that pic in the Comment Section. The amount of times you enter doesn’t matter. It all depends on how creative you are and how much you make me laugh. I will probably join in on the fun since I LOVE doing these things. Hence the reason for this site!

Do realize… You MUST be 18 to enter and WIN!


Which means, the funnier, nastier, grosser, shocking you can make them the better (just no hate bashing… this is a fun site! I will monitor things!). I’m giving you warning, if you get easily offended, you best leave now. The Comments are Real! The Language is Raw! :)

No matter what, Beat This Caption is for entertainment purposes only. I’m a little morbid (okay a lot) and I do have a warped sense of humor as you will see from my own Captions and Smart Ass Comments… But I LOVE it! So I say ENJOY yourself. Have fun. Play. Make friends. LAUGH!

As this Blog grows and continues to gain loyal readers and followers the Prizes will grow as well! Help me pass the word. Tweet me, Like me, email my site around. Tell all your friends and family. Let’s get this Contest rolling! :)

I look forward to the insanity! -Raw


If you would like to sponser a Contest with a Prize, contact me. I will put your Prize, Info and a Link back to your site in the Post for everyone to see.


Contest Winners will be sent an email (which is why you MUST leave a REAL email address in the Contest! I will not spam you or sell your email) with details about claiming their prize. If the item is a Product or Physical Item, you will have to supply me your mailing address so it can be sent out.

Do realize that by leaving a Caption, you give me permission to use your Name, Avatar and Caption as I see fit for Promotion, Advertising or Merchandising of this website. They become the property of Beat This Caption! Muah hah ahaha aha ha ah aha aha ha!

Do note that I may edit your caption for clarity, language, punctuation or misspellings.

Winners will be posted in the actual Contest Post as well as the Winners Page. Readers may continue to leave Comments on Past Contests forever just for the fun of it. Who knows… If you really make me bust a gut laughing, I may find a prize for you as well. Let the games begin! :)

Also note that there is no purchase or payment of any kind necessary to enter or win this Caption Contest. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED, TAXED OR RESTRICTED.
Odds of winning depend on the number and quality of entries received. The bottom line is: I pick the winner based upon the Caption I like. :) After all, it is my website.


Winners MUST be 18 to enter, and have a PayPal account!

The PayPal account makes it easier for me to give you my money in the case of Cash Prizes! :)

Picture Use

Caption Contest Pictures are obtained through organic searches. Many will be tweaked and photoshopped by me. If you own the copyright to any image, let me know so I can properly credit the image back to you.
Thanks! -Raw

Guess This Caption Contest Rules

The goal of GTC is to Guess what MY Caption is and leave it in the comments below the contest post. I have already come up with the witty Caption for the images. You have to figure out what they are. You don’t have to be exact (I think that would be impossible), but you do have to be close enough that anybody would agree that it takes the cake. I usually pick one or two keywords that will seal the deal once met. So start guessing…

Guess it and become an INSTANT WINNER!

Official Contest Dates:

Open and Ongoing!

When someone Guesses my correct Caption, a new Contest will begin!

Enter as many times as you want! Good luck!

Questions about the Contests… Email me!

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